Moving Kits

We offer complete moving kits, designed to give you everything you need for your move.  Each moving kit contains moving house boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, packing paper, a marker, and a free blanket bag.

We offer basic moving kits for up to 10 rooms. Optional kits with bigger boxes are also available, as well as wardrobe kits. You can build your own custom moving kit online at  Moreover, You can call our customer service staff for getting more info. You get FREE shipping! Make your move easier with a complete moving kit from

Moving Box Kits come in every shape and size, but the key to a quality moving kit is that it has an assortment of valuable packing boxes for sale and packing supplies that you will need as a mover.  What you don’t want is a one size fits all kit package that was put together to make it easier for the seller to sell boxes.  This makes for great marketing but not so great moving.  It’s important that some actual thought was put into the kit design so they contain the correct packing boxes and packing supplies.

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